Break time in School

17 Jan 2020

Worried about snack times and break times at School?

Based on the school timings and the travel involved, you can pack
some dry fruits or quick healthy bites for your little ones. After the
settling phase, our facilitators will provide you with a timetable and a
Menu chart for break time. This is done to ensure that your child eats
healthily at school and we maintain consistency in what, all the
children eat during the break time.

Not being able to train your child to eat independently?

All you need to remember is that messiness is an unavoidable part of
the self-feeding learning process. We let every child take his own time
so that the learning process is smooth. The older your child gets, the
more motivated he will be. At Nirzara
we ensure that our facilitators personally supervise the break times
for every child in our care; and ensure that they eat properly.


If you think that your child is reacting to a particular food item,
always refer to a doctor. Also, keep us informed so that we can re-work
and design the menu chart for your child, in discussion with you,
avoiding that particular food item. We also, avoid food-sharing between
our children, in order to be careful about this aspect.

We believe in offering opportunities for all our children to develop
self-help skills and giving them ample time to work on these aspects. It
is essential for us to remember that adults at home and school are the
important role models and that children learn a lot by observing us.

In this context, parenting tips for preschoolers act as a guide to let parents know and direct their parenting.